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Industrial Energy Management with Efficio

Optimize your processes, reduce your consumption, and save CO2, energy, time, and money. Energy management can do more than just measure, analyze, evaluate, and report: with Efficio, you uniquely integrate the complete energy management process into ONE software program – from strategy to implementation and evaluation.

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If you want to know how high your energy costs are, the size of your own CO2 footprint, and what at your company contributes significantly to this, you should rely on an intelligent energy management system. With Efficio, you benefit from easy handling, many analysis options, and reporting functions. Strategy and goals are recorded and presented in a standard-compliant and transparent manner. Keep your processes under control and become an expert for optimized energy controlling.

An energy management system must accurately map all energy-related processes and structures of the company. With our Web-based energy management solution, you can monitor your energy performance indicators (EnPI) and check the control behavior of your energy and production systems according to ISO 50001:2018 and DIN EN ISO 16247-1. Efficio impresses with its simple and intuitive operation – ideal for companies with little time and minimal personnel resources.

With the innovation leader Berg, you are investing in the future: Regular updates and functional enhancements reflect legal changes and include technical innovations.

Your Advantages with Efficio at a Glance


Identify savings potential

  • Effectively reduce energy costs
  • Identify major energy consumers
  • Significantly reduce CO2 emissions
  • Continuously increase energy efficiency

Smart and simple to operate

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Intuitive software operation
  • Multiple interfaces enable connection to existing systems
  • Commissioning wizard integrates logger in just five minutes

Integrate PDCA cycle easily

  • Management process, data acquisition, and evaluation in just ONE system
  • Show processes in detail, document them neatly, and implement them
  • Control energy targets and measures
  • Multiple analysis options such as energy usage analysis

Monitor production

  • Evaluate processes in terms of energy with the aid of energy performance indicators (EnPIs)
  • Evaluate and optimize the control behavior of technical systems
  • Intervene early and take countermeasures thanks to alert functions

Effectively analyze and optimize

  • Achieving a “green image” advantage over the competition
  • Seamless data acquisition, also via the app
  • Capture all consumption data plus process and operating data
  • Sophisticated reporting and alert functions

Fulfill legal standards
ISO 50001:2018, ISO 14001,
DIN EN 16247, and EMAS

  • Handle audits quickly and worry-free
  • Take advantage of tax benefits
  • Secure subsidies
  • Save time and personnel resources

Measure. Capture. Analyze. Optimize. Save.

We offer you a combination of energy, process, and load management. You measure, record, analyze, and optimize all energy flows at your company for continuous savings.

Our measurement technology portfolio includes meters for electrical, liquid, and gaseous substances. The use of energy data loggers guarantees you seamless recording and very high data quality. Already installed technology can be integrated without any problems.

With our Web-based energy management software, entire energy teams from multiple locations can access everything at any time. Our multiclient capability allows freely configurable, individual dashboards in which tasks and deadlines are clearly documented. As a combined measurement and analysis tool, Efficio energy management software enables energy flows to be determined in real time, allocated according to consumption, and billed. The high degree of data capture on a minute-by-minute basis allows full control and transparency down to the smallest unit of consumption. An automatic reporting system keeps everyone informed at all times.


Increase your energy efficiency and reduce costs at the same time! Our energy experts are happy to show you how you can use our intelligent energy management system Efficio. Contact Patrick Soboll for more information:

Patrick Soboll

Account Manager, Energy Services

T +49 89 379 160 457
M +49 171 569 7135

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