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Measuring Point Concept

If you want to map the energy flows at your company transparently and conclusively, Berg offers a measuring point concept as an optimal foundation with its measuring point conception. In Germany, the Measuring point Operation Act (MsbG) regulates the installation and operation of intelligent metering systems. A solid measuring point concept is thus an important component in the digitization of our energy supply. The aim of upgrading to smart metering systems is to provide energy consumers with a detailed overview of energy consumption and thus use energy more efficiently. For example, you should accurately record and transparently display the consumption of the different energy sources with the help of energy monitoring. This enables you to quickly identify hidden energy savings potential and fully meet the requirements of an energy management system, for example, within the framework of DIN EN 16247 or ISO 50001.

We Provide Support in the Design of Measuring Points

  • Identification of areas where energy flows should be continuously recorded
  • Selection of relevant nodes to create meters
  • Selection of necessary metering components (meters, data loggers, cabling)
  • Definition of system boundaries
  • Creation of a measurement plan
  • Checking whether existing meters can be integrated, if necessary

Your Advantage with a Solid Measurement Concept

  • Mapping of the entire energy flow
  • Increase in production quality through exact metering of auxiliaries
  • Modern and cost-efficient measuring point concept
  • Transparency of energy flows and energy costs in the company
  • Fulfillment of auditor requirements according to DIN ISO 50001 or DIN EN 16247

Did you know that the creation of the measuring point concept is eligible for funding? Find out more here.


Patrick Soboll will advise you competently on all questions regarding your optimal measuring point concept as well as related funding opportunities. Contact him directly here:

Patrick Soboll

Account Manager, Energy Services

T +49 89 379 160 457
M +49 171 569 7135

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