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Increase Energy Efficiency and Save Taxes with an Energy Audit

The EU Energy Efficiency Directive stipulates that all companies that are NOT small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) according to the EU definition must carry out an energy audit. The German government has implemented this EU requirement into national law and an energy audit obligation by amending the Energy Services Act (EDL-G), which has been in force since the end of April 2015. Since the amendment of the EDL-G, energy-intensive companies have been required to have their energy consumption regularly audited according to sections 8 to 8d EDL-G.
As an alternative to an energy audit, obligated companies can introduce an energy management system according to ISO 50001 or an environmental management system according to the European EMAS Regulation. Companies that can already prove certification according to ISO 50001 or EMAS are exempt.

An energy audit is an important tool for identifying energy efficiency potential and disclosing essential energy flows. If you know how much energy is consumed in which areas of your company, potential savings can be quickly identified. At the same time, this enables you to comply with new legal requirements and benefit from tax breaks through, for example, the electricity tax peak compensation. In addition, the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) subsidizes the introduction of an energy management system with up to 30% of the net investment costs through the BAFA energy audit guideline for the promotion of energy efficiency. This includes energy management software and commissioning, necessary hardware, and installation, as well as the expansion of existing systems.

Implementation and Preparation of Energy Audits

The energy audit obligation according to DIN EN 16247-1 includes preparation and implementation of an energy audit. With our energy services, you are optimally prepared for an audit.

We advise and help with the preparation of your energy audit

  • Checking for uninterrupted recording and value plausibility of energy consumption data
  • Determination of important energy key figures (EnPI)
  • Creation of energy reports with presentation of results
  • Setup support for exports, reports, and shipping options
  • Creation of your complete energy balance
  • Determination of savings potential and energy targets
  • Determination of appropriate measures to achieve targets
  • Implementation of internal audits

Your advantage with our energy audit consulting services

  • Automate and simplify audit processes with Efficio energy management
  • Increase energy efficiency and improve energy balance
  • Make all energy flows within the company 100% transparent
  • Reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions
  • Continuously review measures and improvement opportunities
  • Effectively use and save training and energy audit costs

We support and accompany the implementation of your energy audit

  • Verification of the necessity to perform an energy audit
  • Implementation of the energy audit according to DIN EN 16247-1
  • Inventory of the current energy situation
  • Determination of possible energy-savings potential at the company
  • Preparation and presentation of the standard-compliant energy audit report

Your advantage with our energy audit consulting services

  • Meet legal obligations quickly and easily
  • Sustainably reduce energy consumption and energy costs
  • Take advantage of tax relief and subsidy opportunities
  • Systematically evaluate companies and their locations from an energy perspective


Patrick Soboll can professionally advise you on all questions regarding certification according to ISO 50001 or preparation and implementation of your energy audit according to DIN 16247-1. Contact Mr. Soboll directly here:

Patrick Soboll

Account Manager, Energy Services

T +49 89 379 160 457
M +49 171 569 7135

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