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Smart Load Management with Optimo

Why pay more grid usage fees than necessary? Energy suppliers base their calculation on your annual peak demand and not on your actual energy consumption.
Avoid power peaks in electricity or gas consumption fully automatically and reduce your grid usage costs significantly. With Optimo intelligent load management
from Berg, you can counteract expensive power peaks in industrial production processes and during the operation of administrative buildings. Control power generators and consumers flexibly. Intervene actively, directly, and quickly in your power consumption.

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If your annual energy consumption exceeds the threshold of 100,000 kWh and the average power value of your electricity bill is at least 250 kW, then it is worth switching to the Optimo load management system. Optimo load management lowers your energy costs by reducing network charges while guaranteeing you the authority to act on your energy usage intensity. The Web-based process visualization and parameterization perfectly supports you with object-oriented programming and intuitive user interfaces.

If you want to reduce operational power peaks at your company, switch to atypical grid usage, or market flexible control power, Optimo matches the power consumption of all connected power consumers and self-generation plants to a set point profile in real time. By continuously balancing the operational power demand with the tariff-related power limits, Optimo prevents spontaneously occurring power peaks during high-load times. The complex maintenance of these regional and seasonal variations as well as newly defined time periods of the reference power limit each year only becomes administrable with Optimo.

Thanks to its scalable system architecture, Optimo offers not only large industrial customers but also medium-sized companies the opportunity to leverage unrecognized savings potential. Minimal intervention with maximum effect without additional administrative or installation effort – that is modern load management.

Your Advantages with Optimo

Peak shaving according to StromNEV, section 17

  • Create trend forecasts for power consumption
  • Continuously balance load peaks with a set point value
  • Shift power peaks to periods with lower power demand
  • Utilize savings potential of 1025% of the network charge

Atypical grid usage according to StromNEV, section 19 para. 2, sentence 1

  • Shift high-load times to off-peak times
  • Intuitively maintain variable setpoints
  • Permanent incentive regulation thanks to integrated tariff calendar
  • Exploit savings potential of 1580% of the network charge

Electricity-intensive grid usage StromNEV, section 19, para. 2, sentence 2

  • Reduce grid charges almost completely for electricity use of >10 GWh
  • Remuneration through provision of minute regulation power (MRL)
  • Raise savings potential of 8090% of grid fee, staggered according to number of hours of use:
    >7000 h – reduction of 80%
    >7500 h – reduction of 85
    >8000 h – reduction of 90%

Get into the PLUS with intelligent load management

For the preparation of a professional load profile analysis, the determination of your savings potential, and the return on investment of your load management system, we only need three pieces of information – of course we will treat your data confidentially:

  1. Current annual load profile as well as the last complete annual load curve of your company as a CSV or XLSX file. You can request this file from your network operator free of charge.
  2. Copy of your current electricity bill, from which we can take the parameters of the network charges. These are in detail:
    • The name of the supplier or network operator
    • The feed-in level (e.g. medium voltage)
    • Last or current year’s active energy consumption
    • The power and commodity price components of your network charges
  • Brochure: Optimo (available soon)

Our services


Thomas Stengl is happy to show you how to equip your load management for the future requirements of the energy market and how to further develop it in your system architecture. Contact Mr. Stengl directly here:

Thomas Stengl

Division Manager, Energy Management Systems

T +49 89 379 160 300

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