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Energy Monitoring for a Sustainable Energy Balance

With energy monitoring as part of energy management, the worlds of industry and business can sustainably improve their energy efficiency. Energy is becoming an increasingly important line item in the balance sheets of manufacturing companies. This is because costs for electricity, water, gas, heat, and compressed air can have a decisive influence on the industry value creation chain. To uncover potential savings measures, it makes sense to monitor energy consumption so that your energy data becomes fully transparent.

Continuous monitoring of appropriate indicators can limit, or at best minimize, energy consumption. It allows you to pinpoint times, places, and plants with increasing energy demand within your company. This exposes peak loads, prevents waste, and improves your negotiating position with your energy supplier. In addition, technical problems are first noticed before they actually occur thanks to a monitoring system.

Making industry and commerce energy efficient with energy monitoring

Legislation requires particularly energy-intensive companies to increase energy efficiency by means of an energy audit. Particularly in SMEs, energy savings potential often remains untapped. The federal funding for energy consulting in medium-sized businesses (EBM), for example, targets SMEs for energy consulting services with 80% of the investment costs funded by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). With the Energy Management System with Measurement Technology, Module 3 guideline, BAFA also supports energy management software, commissioning, required hardware, and installation with up to 40% of the net investment costs. A quick return on investment is thus guaranteed. The Efficio energy management system makes your energy data collection smart and simple.

When it comes to finding possible savings measures, energy consumption monitoring definitely has its advantages. It supports you in evaluating your company’s building complexes, production processes, and manufacturing plants in terms of energy with the help of corresponding key figures.

Video Energy Management and Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring fulfills the following tasks

  • Acquisition of all energy and operating data within your company
  • Central evaluation and monitoring of consumption
  • Generation of key figures for easy evaluation of the energy situation
  • Alerts in the event of deviations and thus prompt determination of causes to avoid high energy costs
  • Allocation of consumption data to cost center accounting
  • Automatic generation and dispatch of energy reports

From data acquisition to data insights

Energy monitoring is inconceivable without data collection; data collection, by contrast, is conceivable without energy monitoring. However, it is not as detailed, reliable, and informative. When selecting and including suitable measured variables in your energy monitoring system, you should integrate and record appropriate electrical and pipe-based measurement technology for electricity, water, gas, heat, and compressed air. You can aggregate the total consumption data via data technology and temporarily store it synchronously. With the help of an energy management system, the cached values are automatically read out and clearly analyzed.

In this way, energy-savings potential can also be continuously identified and exploited within your company. You significantly reduce your energy consumption and the associated greenhouse gas emissions. Berg makes your energy monitoring smart and simple.


Increase your energy efficiency and reduce costs at the same time! Our energy experts are happy to show you how you can implement your energy monitoring with Berg. Contact Patrick Soboll for more information and to make an appointment:

Patrick Soboll

Account Manager, Energy Services

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