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Electrical and Pipe Measurement and Communication Technology

Our extensive measurement and communication technology portfolio includes a wide range of sensors, network analyzers, and energy meters for electricity and pipe-bound media – the perfect basis for your acquisition of valid energy data. We offer you suitable measurement technology for the most diverse measurement tasks in various designs, such as with M-Bus, Modbus, or TCP interfaces. This ensures transparent measured value acquisition at all times – precise, reproducible, and reliable.

Extract from Our Portfolio

From classic energy meters to IoT sensors – measurement and communication technology from Berg can be combined perfectly with our energy and load management platforms Efficio and Optimo. Using an M-Bus scan, you can automatically integrate your M-Bus meters into Efficio and clearly display them in the dashboard. For guaranteed fast plug-and-play. Our Efficio certified energy meters allow the greatest possible coverage of use cases in practice.

Your Advantage with Measurement and Communication Technology from Berg

  • Fully compatible, integrable, and investment-proof
  • 100% valid data acquisition
  • Continuous data flow without discontinuities
  • A wide range of connection options
  • Fast modernization and retrofitting thanks to retrofit solutions

We Offer a Wide Range of Media Meters

We Offer Versatile Communication Technology

We offer suitable energy data loggers and gateways for pulse meters so that you can aggregate your recorded energy data and store it temporarily in a time-synchronized manner.

Should your intranet/LAN ever be unavailable, no recorded values are lost. Our energy data loggers ensure that all consumption values are temporarily stored. As soon as the connection to the intranet/LAN is available again, our energy management software automatically reads out the temporarily stored values.


Ludwig Alles is happy to advise you on all questions regarding our measurement and communication technology, technical features, and product variants so that your energy data acquisition is valid and traceable at all times. Contact Mr. Alles directly here:

Ludwig Alles

Central Sales, Measurement Technology

T +49 89 379 160 253
M +49 176 747 284 73

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