berg - die Energieoptimierer

We are your energy optimizers!

At Berg, we are more than the sum of our employees. We are a dedicated and diverse team that works together with passion to improve energy efficiency at companies in an economic and ecological way.

If Germany wants to effectively reduce its carbon dioxide emissions and meet internationally agreed climate targets, it must transform its energy system to make it sustainable and fit for the future. With our optimized energy and load management solutions, companies can operate in a climate-neutral and cost-effective manner. When it comes to funding opportunities, we provide comprehensive advice as well as work with our customers to get the most out of financing potential and find funding opportunities. We customize our measurement technology and software systems based on a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and processes.

As an agile and reliable innovation leader with many years of expertise in dynamic energy markets, we have collected excellent references in all sectors of industry as well as in public institutions. Furthermore, as “watt watchers,” we make our contribution to better grid stabilization.

Since 2019, Berg has been a subsidiary of VIVAVIS AG, which also includes the other expert companies AMW GmbH, Caigos GmbH, and eoda GmbH. VIVAVIS bundles expertise and portfolios when it comes to infrastructure and infrastructure-related IoT topics. Here, solutions are developed that help decode complex processes and translate them into intuitive applications. We are all united by the vision of actively shaping the future of digital infrastructure, driving digitization forward, and mastering big data. With our technologies and services under the VIVAVIS umbrella, our customers can open up new, sustainable business areas.

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