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UBN PQ1000 Power Quality Analyzer

Power quality analysis

The device allows a permanent evaluation of the power quality according to IEC 61000-4-30 Ed.3 in class S. The recorded PQ events (voltage dip, voltage rise, voltage dip, current rise and frequency change, homopolar voltage) are used both to prove that disturbances have occurred and to find the cause of the disturbance in order to increase the security of supply. The statistical voltage and current variables can be used to verify compliance with supply contracts or internal specifications. Evaluation according to EN 50160, IEC 61000-2/4/12, IEEE 519, GB/T or self-defined limits can be performed after measurement, and corresponding compliance reports can be generated directly via the device website (PQEasy report).

Independent certification according to IEC 62586-2 by Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology METAS
Support of the standardized, manufacturer-independent PQDIF format according to IEEE 1159.3
Adjustable event recording duration: Up to 6 seconds for waveform and 3 minutes for RMS values
Event display via website with time zoom and value reading

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Basic version
96 x 96 mm panel mount unit
Power quality analysis class A IEC 61000-4-30 Ed. 3
Accuracy class energy: 0.2S
Voltage measurement: 4 channels, 480V/ 832V
Current measurement: 4 current transformers, 1 … 5A / 7.5A
RTC, data memory: 16 GB