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Interview Berg GmbH with Christian Weber from CeramTec GmbH

β€œIt always goes towards saving energy and costs. Without this system, we may not have discovered many savings opportunities and would have burned money and energy unnecessarily.”

-Christian Weber-

Ceramtec has been active as a manufacturer of technical ceramics, which is used in the production of automobiles and medical technology, among others. The elaborate production of this high -performance ceramic from preparation to the burning process is energy -intensive. We spoke to Christian Weber from Ceramtec and wanted to know how to switch to our Efficio energy management system at Ceramtec.

Finally control over the energy flow

As one of the main reasons for switching to Efficio, Mr. Weber gave us the handling. The energy capture system used until 2015 was cumbersome to use and impractical. Cale readers had to be read individually every month and then transferred cumbersome to an Excel table. The biggest problem, however, was that potential difficulties on the machines could only be recognized at the end of the month or after reading the meter. In this situation, a quick reaction was not possible, which in certain cases led to inefficiency. Since the introduction of Efficio as an energy management system, Mr. Weber is now happy about the changes: Individual meter readings can be conveniently entered into the data system on site using the appropriate app and are therefore available much more quickly.

Monitoring and optimizing machine performance

Important insights were gained over a longer period of time using Efficio. For example, it was possible to compare the electricity consumption in various CeramTec refrigeration systems, so that a significantly higher electricity consumption was found compared to the other systems. As a result, a defect in a system could be identified and repaired promptly. Thanks to the intelligent functions of the system, it was now possible to predict when an exchange would make economic sense.

Optimization of personnel deployment in the compressed air test

With the help of Efficio, individual departments can be equipped and monitored with compressed air meters. As a result, maintenance staff only have to inspect each department for leaks at longer intervals after connection. After sealing, a limit value for the minimum compressed air requirement is determined. This is continuously monitored by Efficio and those responsible are automatically informed as soon as the limit value is exceeded. Only then is leak detection necessary again. This targeted approach drastically reduces the effort required to locate leaks compared to the original method. This saves valuable human resources, which can be used for other important activities.

Cost savings through precise evaluation

In the evaluations, the consumption on weekends or days on which it was not worked was striking. Although many machines also need electricity in the idle state, it only became clear with the introduction of Efficio how high the consumption is in this state. From then on, Ceramtec had the tools and the knowledge of reducing this unnecessary energy consumption, since measures could be taken to make the machines more efficient and curb the energy loss.

Reduction of failures in the production chain

Another absolute plus is the opportunity, according to Mr. Weber, to get individual key figures. Potential defective, specific components can be recognized much faster. As described in the example of leakage location, Efficio also enables determining certain threshold values and coupling with an automated notification system. This means you no longer have to constantly keep an eye on all the data and you can rely on a timely notification as soon as certain critical values are reached. It is a valuable feature that allows you to be proactive and solve problems early.

The non-plus-ultra: Customizable dashboard for data evaluation

However, Mr. Weber particularly highlights one impressive feature of Efficio: the individually customizable dashboard in data analysis. It enables him to visualize the meter readings in a whole new way. With just one glance, he can now represent the data according to his own needs and preferences. This tailor -made presentation opens up completely new possibilities and makes it easier for Mr. Weber and his team to interpret the information quickly and make well -founded decisions.


In summary, Christian Weber described the use of Efficio and its added value:

It is a journey towards energy and cost savings. Without this system, we certainly would not have discovered so many opportunities for savings and wasted money and valuable energy. Efficio showed us the way to a variety of savings options. We are grateful for the opportunity to make our company more sustainable and efficient.

Overall, the use of Efficio is a positive for us that inspires us to continue pursuing our goals of energy and cost savings with passion and determination. We are ready to drive change and use our resources wisely to build a more sustainable and successful future.



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