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Reduce Your Energy Costs with Network Charge Reduction

Grid fee reductions can significantly lower the fees charged by the 900 or so grid operators in Germany for access to the grid. These network usage charges for electricity currently account for around a quarter of your company’s total electricity costs. In addition to the network charges, the electricity price is also made up of the costs for generation, sales, charges, levies; and taxes. The determination or setting of electricity network charges by your network operator is regulated in the Electricity Network Charges Ordinance (StromNEV). For large electricity consumers, the load profile is determined by the registering power measurement, which also influences electricity costs.
If you want to take advantage of the legal opportunities to reduce electricity costs and reduce your network charges, you need to analyze your annual load profile. This is because a major cost driver for network charges is the annual peak power or peak load. The higher your peak power, the higher your network charges. Reducing or shifting your annual peak power will therefore significantly reduce your energy costs.

Up to 80% Savings Potential with Atypical or Electricity-Intensive Usage Behavior

Many companies have not yet taken advantage of their savings opportunities, even though they are available. You can significantly reduce your network charges according to StromNEV if you have atypical or electricity-intensive usage patterns. Your consumption behavior and your purchase structure are decisive for a reduction in grid charges. In the case of atypical grid usage, the customer’s individual maximum load deviates from the maximum load in the grid and a relief effect occurs. In this case, a reduction in the grid charges is possible according to section 19, para. 2, sentence 1. In the case of electricity-intensive network use according to section 19, para. 2, sentence 2, that is, if at least 7,000 hours of use per year are achieved, for example, a reduction of up to 80% can be realized.

Does your company meet the requirements for a network fee reduction? Then find out more about your savings opportunities.
We are happy to analyze your annual load profile, check possible savings potential for you and offer you an individual solution for network charge reduction and optimization. With our Optimo load management system, you can prevent spontaneously occurring power peaks by continuously balancing the operational power demand with the tariff-related power limits. In this way, you automatically reduce your energy costs through network charge reduction and at the same time retain the authority to act on your energy usage intensity.


Dieter Kramm is at your disposal as an expert in the field of network charge reduction.
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